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The Cherry Wood EP is the soundtrack you would make for yourself if you were about to take a horseback ride across the earth. The journey takes you deep into the Black Forest on The Crows, through North African deserts on Mosses and even to the alien landscapes of Deforestation with its eerie, cyber-industrial undertones.

Goodbye Ivan's earthly music-scapes remove you from wherever you are and take you to places isolated and completely natural, worldly and otherworldly, but always grounded in the boots of folk. Reminiscent of the soft acoustic taste of Benediktska, The Cherry Wood EP is a continuation of Goodbye Ivan's obvious need to produce minimalistic mini-masterpieces on EP, as a break from the more complex, urban compositions on his albums.


A collection of acoustic songs produced in Geneva, Switzerland between February and March 2011

Mastered by Julien Grandjean at Jetlag Studio in July 2011

July 25, 2011

PS19 - Parallax Sounds Records

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