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Pascal Greco’s new film, the second in a trilogy, invites us to daydream, to travel and to do a little soul-searching. 

Having successfully created a fantasy world out of soulless Asian megacities, atmospheric Icelandic landscapes and shimmering fireworks, we find ourselves projected into a dreamy time-space. 
Functioning as both a work of art and a documentary, Nowhere is a delicate story without words, best navigated by music. 

The sound universe composed by Goodbye Ivan serves to amplify reoccurring images of nostalgia, anonymity and inherent loneliness, especially in places abundant with life. With each movement of the camera, notes and rhythms emerge to sublimate these perfectly contrasted images. 

The result is a journey into a universe that holds within it a great many surprises and an unarticulated familiarity that this could indeed be anywhere. 

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