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Arnaud Ivan Sponar started music back in 1991 as a drummer in post-punk, new wave and grunge bands.
He is now a self-taught drummer, pianist, guitarist, bassist and singer.

2020, right a the dawn of the pandemic, Arnaud Ivan moved back to Geneva, Switzerland after 10 years spent living and working in Brooklyn, NY and then Brussels in Belgium.


As a multi-instrumentalist, Arnaud Ivan is involved in various creative projects, working with other musicians, and also painters, film-makers, dancers, visual performers, and sound-art installations developers, bringing his own musical identity on every project.

current projects


2024 Annual Music Residency at the Museum of Art and History in Geneva.


A film by Pascal Greco
Original Soundtrack by Goodbye Ivan.
Pipe Organ, Piano, Percussions, Electronics


Goodbye Ivan : Vocals, Bass, Rhodes, Beats
POL : Digital and Analog Synthesizers


Audio Visual performance about Dissociative Identity Disorder
By actress Céline Cesa, painter JOD and musician Goodbye Ivan


A group formed by Bernard Trontin, drummer with THE  YOUNG GODS,
Simon Huw Jones, singer and lyricist of AND ALSO THE TREES, now joined by Goodbye Ivan


Sound Art Installations

By Florent Naulin, POL & Goodbye Ivan


Ambient / Experimental music project
Da Saz : Modular Synthesizer
POL :  Digital and Analog Synthesizers, Sampling
Goodbye Ivan : Guitar, Bass, Piano, Soundbox, Lapsteel, Drums

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