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Recorded at La Savonnerie studio in the Belgian capital, it is a captivating piano-based record imbued with melancholy.

The expanded 2-disc edition of Rêverie includes Rêverie Discomposed, an album of remixes by eleven artists including the legendary ROTHKO, dark electro producer PLAY/PAUSE, techno artist AUDIO PERVERT and folk musician THE SLEEPING YEARS.

The 2-disc set, a 6-panel cardboard sleeve with a gorgeous "soft touch" finish, is available from at Les Disques du 7ème Ciel exclusively.

Both albums are available separately from the usual digital outlets. 

1. Rêverie
2. Prelude
3. Eveil
4. Indigence
5. Marche
6. Comptine
7. Nocturne
8. Mirage
9. Echappée
1. Rêverie (by 17F)
2. Prelude (by Play/Pause)
3. Eveil (by Muhd)
4. Indigence (by Niels Hesse)
5. Marche (by Ofer Smilansky)
6. Comptine (by POL)
7. Nocturne (by Da Saz)
8. Mirage (by Palm)
9. Echappée (by Rothko)
10. Indigence (by The Sleeping Years)
11. Rêverie (by Audio Pervert)

Rêverie: Composed by Arnaud Ivan Sponar, Produced by Arnaud Ivan Sponar and Maxime Steiner
Piano, Bowed Guitars: Arnaud Ivan Sponar. Moog, Bass, Harmonium: Maxime Steiner
Engineered by Maxime Steiner at La Savonnerie in Brussels, October 2016
Mastered by Mark Beazley in London, May 2018

Rêverie Discomposed: Remixed in Vevey, Brussels, Estavayer-le-Lac, Kaulitz, Geneva,
New Dehli, Vannes, London and Valencia.
Mastered by Mark Beazley in London, February 2019

Artwork Damian O'Hara. Photography Philippe Koch. Art Direction Damien Loret

Format 2x CD Album

Weight 70g

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