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Pascal Greco x MAH


"Where do they come from… ?
Are they the inhabitants of an imperceptible world wavering between limbo and firmament?
Have they always been present or is it our senses that give them shape and life?
Do they exist or are they a resonance and shaping of our projections?
Why do they seem so familiar to us and yet impossible to apprehend?
Are they us? Are they part of us?
Are they dreams of power and grace?

An immersion without temporality or defined spaces."

Cast : Ike Ortiz, Nasma Moutaouakil, Isabelle Chladek, Ahlam Tsouli, Alexander Dejanovski aka. Dibby Sounds, Anaïs Virg, and MOPS_DanceSyndrome

Direction, images, editing, color grading & production: Pascal Greco

Original soundtrack: Goodbye Ivan
Pipe organ, piano, percussion, bowed bass, electronics: Arnaud Ivan Sponar
Soprano Singer : Eva Fiechter

Mastering: Clive Jenkins, VIC-20 Studios

Assistant direction: Vania Miyazaki
Gaffers: Rafael De La Esprielle & Emmanuel Thery
Electricians: Fleur Champanhet & Noémi Aschlmann
Camera assistants: Zahra El Azki & Jeff Bettini

Coordination for the MAH and production: Sylvie Treglia-Detraz & Neda Navi
Technical partner: Visuals Switzerland

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