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Sound Art Installation for an upright piano, a baby grand piano, tubes and glockenspiels
By Florent Naulin, POL and Goodbye Ivan

The movement, the importance given to percussive dynamics, the heterogeneous hybridizations, the recycling (the upright piano of Echorda III is an antique from the 1930s, the baby grand was saved from being dismantled). There is undeniably something which, in the work of Goodbye Ivan, Florent Naulin and POL, recalls Jean Tinguely's work, and the din of his infernal backfiring machines. According to its three designers, if Echorda is not to be considered as a tribute in the strict sense, nor as the result of a conscious and assumed influence, there is indeed what in biology is called a phenomenon of convergent evolution. But this work fits into different premises, which are those of a search for the unexpected in musicality. Echorda is a diversion machine, a complex and virtuoso exoskeleton whose function is to make artefacts resonate outside and beyond their primary functions.

A robot engineered by Florent Naulin is actioning sixty-four solenoid hammers playing compositions written by POL and Goodbye Ivan.

Presented at Galerie Halle Nord, Geneva Switzerland
January 20 - February 12, 2022
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Sound Art Installation for a suspended piano
By Florent Naulin, POL and Goodbye Ivan

An upright piano is suspended in the air, in a frozen moment, reminder of the falling piano from the first Cataclysme edition.
It plays repetitive and haunting compositions by itself.

Presented at the Cataclysme Festival, Théâtre du Galpon, Geneva Switzerland
September 3 - 5, 2021


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Sound Art Installation for one piano, eight e-bows and four motion detectors
By Florent Naulin, POL and Goodbye Ivan

A piano is visible but not reachable, you can hear it, it plays by itself, well, you make it play.
By moving around in the room, one visitor, through a position sensor, influences a magnetic field (e-bow) mounted on the piano. 
A string vibrates, creating a single note. A group of visitors will then activate other sensors, other notes, creating chords and harmonies by strolling in the room, building drones, soundscapes by their own movements.

Presented at the Galerie Trace Ecart, Bulle Switzerland
June 3 - 25, 2017

Special thanks to Baptiste Cesa at Galerie Trace Ecart. Bulle, Switzerland

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